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A Letter from Corey & Courtney

Hello! Thank you for considering us! We are looking forward to getting to know you and being a part of this journey together.

We are Corey and Courtney.  We hope that our profile gives you a glimpse into our hearts and into our lives.  We have been prayerfully considering adoption for a long time and feel that the Lord is calling us to welcome a new child into our home.

About Us

We met as we were both pursuing new careers and we happened to meet during a training course.  We bonded over our love for Jesus and our shared passion for exploration. We really enjoy traveling and learning about other cultures through music and cuisine.

We instantly became best friends and knew that we wanted to pursue marriage.  To this day, we both strive to learn more about one another and continue to pour into our marriage in order to create a loving environment for our family to grow.  We have desired adoption for our family for as long as we’ve been a couple.  We both feel called and equipped by God to provide a child with a safe, nurturing home.

We are a warm, fun-loving, stable couple who enjoy spending time together as a family through cooking new things, playing board games, exercising together, and lounging on the couch with a good show/movie from time to time.

Meet Courtney

Courtney is a fun, crafty person who loves to spend her time trying new things she finds on Pinterest such as making new t-shirts, creating home decorations, or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. When Courtney isn’t home working on a new project she is often out with the dogs, catching up with friends at the local coffee shop, or volunteering at church.  Courtney works as a member of the military and she regularly finds ways to add meaning to her work.  Courtney loves to create organizational solutions to make things easier for the people she works with.  Everyone always comments on her bubbly personality.

Courtney loves to vacation and regularly reminds me that we need to go to Disney World again soon, however she also enjoys exploring the nature that each state has to offer from kayaking in the springs of Florida to hiking the Appalachian Trail. What makes Courtney so loveable is her warm and inviting demeanor, this comes across the moment you meet her and is on full display when she opens our home to guests. These attributes come from her care for others and her possessing the heart of a terrific mother.

Meet Corey

Corey is very kind-hearted and loves well.  He is INCREDIBLY patient and wise beyond his years.  He always seeks out new ways to care for me and those around him.  Corey loves to learn and spends his free time exploring new hobbies such as gardening, kayaking, fishing, and exercising.

As we prepare to be parents, he is teaching himself Spanish so that we can raise our child to be bilingual. Corey truly goes out of his way for those he loves; He even painted a mural by hand as we grow more and more excited to bring home the child that we adopt!

Corey is an active duty military member.  His willingness to help people in need in one of his biggest motivations.  He loves how the military promotes a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle.  Corey has always seen education as something to be valued and the military has blessed us through providing free education.  It has also allowed us many opportunities to travel and share new experiences.

Our Family

We both deeply value family and desire to be surrounded by loved ones.  We enjoy spending quality time with family and make frequent trips to see each other.  We are so fortunate that both sides of our family are local!  Our parents are all thrilled to welcome this new addition to our family.  As our family starts to grow, we are hope to share the celebration of old traditions and create new traditions/ memories for our children.

We also have two puppies, one Aussiedoodle and one Labradoodle!  They are incredibly smart and loving animals.  They love to cuddle and are never far away.

About Our Home & Community

We live in a beautiful 4-bedroom house in Florida’s panhandle, surrounded by every type of body of water.  We have quick access to rivers, lakes, and multiple beaches.  We live in a large, family-oriented neighborhood that is right next to a community park with a pretty nature trail and jungle gym sets for kids to play on. We live in one of the best school districts in our area and are confident that our child will receive a great education here.

We are involved in an active Christian community that values loving others well and seeking to live in light of the Gospel.  Through this community, we have met some really great people who encourage and care for us like family.

Our Promise

We promise to be parents who are involved and supportive of your child’s passions, dreams, and goals.  We promise to love your child unconditionally, giving them the freedom to be who God has made them to be.  We promise to provide a safe, happy, and faith-filled home for your child to grow up in while giving them every opportunity to pursue their education and personal growth.  You will always be an important, honored member of our story.  We hope to maintain an open relationship with you via letters, photos, and visits.

Learn More About Corey & Courtney

  Corey Courtney
Our EducationAssociates in BiologyBachelor's in Community Health
Our ProfessionsMilitaryMilitary
Our Racial BackgroundWhiteWhite
Some of Corey & Courtney's Favorites
Favorite DishMac and CheeseSushi
Pastime GardeningOrganizing/DIY'ing around the house
Place to ShopLowe'sHobby Lobby
Family Holiday TraditionGetting to sample a little bit of everything at ThanksgivingDecorating the Christmas Tree
TV Show/MovieCool Runnings90 Day Fiancé
Way to RelaxA nice, warm bathSharing quality time with Corey
Bible VerseRomans 3:22-241 Peter 5:10
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Courtney enjoys interior design and new DIY projects around the house. She has recently created an online business that specializes in Christian apparel and signs. She also has a knack for tidying up and organizing. Courtney loves to provide a welcoming home for hosting game nights with friends.

Corey loves to cook and create fun, new dishes for the family to enjoy. He loves gardening and has planted 8 different fruit trees in our backyard to one day feed our family and then some. He is always finding and watching the latest discovery documentaries to further his knowledge on the world around him.

Our Faith

Neither one of us were raised in the Christian faith, but we both became Christians and came to know Jesus during our college years. We love learning about the heart of God through Scripture. Now, we enjoy being a part of children's ministry and the hospitality team at our church as we seek to serve and extend the love of Christ to others. We believe that God has led us to adopt and we look forward to raising your child with the understanding that God deeply cares for them and treasures them.

Our Family Adventures

We love to travel as a family. Our favorite spot is Disney, which we visit a couple times a year. We always have a blast going from park to park and experiencing different cultures at Epcot, as well as all the rides that Magic Kingdom has to offer. We are so excited to share these sweet memories with the child that we adopt!

Ever since we started dating we have enjoyed the opportunity to travel to nearby states to experience new things. We hope to continue that tradition and visit all 50 states. We also love to enjoy the local environment by way of hiking, biking, and kayaking.

What Open Adoption Means to Us

We feel that open adoption is important for a child's well-being. We desire to be open and honest with our child about his or her background and we want to support a relationship between the child and their birth parents. To the birth family, know that we pray for you and are excited to get to know you. You are a valued member in this journey!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Infant-4 years old




No preference

Sibling Group

Yes up to 4 years old

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We sincerely hope that this profile has given you a window into our lives- we want you to know who we are so that you feel comfortable in our ability to love and parent your child. We are so excited to to embark on this journey with you!

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