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A Letter from Myron & April

Greetings! We’re April and Myron. We are a family of 3, and we live in California. Our home is filled with lots of love and laughter. We enjoy traveling, playing sports, hiking, and spending time with family.

We look forward to growing our family through the joy of adoption and hope our website gives you a look into who we are and the family who supports us. We would love to get to know you and share visits with you at your comfort level.

About Us

We have been friends since high school! We fell in love on New Year’s Eve sixteen years ago and were married soon after. Our friendship has always been the foundation of our relationship, and we truly enjoy spending time together. We have shared many adventures together, like traveling, camping in the great outdoors, running marathons, skiing, and hiking, just to name a few. Each year is a new adventure, and in 2018 we were blessed to adopt our daughter, Nia! We are excited and ready to grow our family once again through adoption!

As a family, we love to be outdoors, enjoying walks on the beach looking for shells, hiking to the top of a trail to take in the sunset, and trips to the park to play soccer and frisbee. We look forward to sharing so many things with our next child like gardening, swimming at the pool, picnics in the backyard, cooking in the kitchen, and snuggling during bedtime stories.

About Myron

Myron is both silly and hardworking. He is a wonderful provider and loves to learn new things so he can create new projects for our home. Sports and activities have always been a big part of Myron’s life, and you can always find him playing soccer, basketball, or racing up the driveway with our daughter, Nia. They are often together in the backyard gardening, throwing a ball, and playing campout. He’s excited to share these activities with your child and his family recipes, especially his famous cookie recipe and his grandmother’s pound cake. Myron is the kind of loving man that takes care of his family, loves God, and has a heart made of gold. He will be a living inspiration to your child and will embrace them with everything he has.

About April

April is dedicated, creative, and always invests time in her family.  She loves to read, travel, swim, and create new learning experiences.  Her passion for learning extends from her career at an elementary school which also means April gets to be home on school breaks, holidays, and in the summer. She and Nia enjoy lots of extra adventures during those times, like arts and crafts or visiting our local YMCA for fun dance classes and swimming. Her love for reading means our home is full of children’s books as she enjoys reading to Nia. She shares God’s love with our daughter, and she’s looking forward to sharing His love with your child. She is an amazing mother with an abundance of unconditional love to give.



Our Daughter and Family

We were blessed to adopt our daughter, Nia, in 2018 and have a wonderful open relationship with her birth family. Nia loves swimming, playing outdoors, making art, and reading books.  She loves to help Daddy with things like cooking and gardening and enjoys dance parties with Mommy after spending time painting and doing puzzles.  She is joyful, and we know she will be a great big sister!

We love spending time with our extended family.  We value the time with our parents as well as our siblings and their families who live close by. We can often be found all together at birthdays, holidays, and cookouts. Our whole family is excited to welcome our child home!

About Our Home in California

We live in a great community with many neighboring families and a small beach town charm. Our home is near the ocean, nature trails, parks, cultural centers, and great schools. We are involved in a diverse Christian church with many programs for kids. We have a wonderful home with a spacious kitchen to cook together and a living area with a big bookshelf of our favorite children’s books. We also have a beautiful nursery complete with a crib and a handcrafted mobile for our new little one.  When we’re home, we enjoy our big backyard, complete with a playset, vegetable garden, and area for outdoor dining.


Our Promise

We promise to love your child unconditionally, to provide financially for an excellent education, and to raise them in a house of faith, love, and laughter. We will be their biggest cheerleader and help them to discover who they are created to be. We’ll take them traveling so they can learn new things, explore activities and enjoy new adventures surrounded by people who love and cherish them for all that they are.

Most importantly, we will always be there for them, honoring your trust in us. We are open to letters, photos, and visits if you decide.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Myron & April

  Myron April
Our EducationBachelors Agriculture Engineering, Masters of Agriculture EducationAssociates Business Administration
Our ProfessionsAssistant Director Enrollment Coordinator
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican AmericanAfrican American
Some of Myron & April's Favorites
Favorite Types of MoviesAction AdventureRomantic Comedy
Favorite Place to VisitNorthern CaliforniaHawaii
Favorite MusicGospelCountry
Favorite FoodTacosSeafood
Favorite SportBasketballBasketball
Hidden TalentDIY home projectsHula dancer
Favorite Childhood MemoryGoing camping with my familyGoing to the park with my Dad
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love traveling both in the States and to other countries. We have been to several states enjoying national parks like Yellowstone Park in Montana, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and the redwood forests of California. Going out of the country has taken us to places like Greece and Columbia, South America. Each destination has helped us grow and learn as a family, and we are excited to share our passion for travel with our next child.

Our Faith

The foundation of our family is God. We have served in many aspects of the church over the years. April has been a part of children's ministries, church events, and the worship team. At the same time, Myron has served as technical support, usher, and building maintenance. We continue to grow daily in our faith when we face challenges and through the blessings in our family.

Our Musical Interest

We enjoy music, and oftentimes we play a variety of music in our home. Myron is an excellent dancer and is often teaching Nia some new moves. Anytime we can enjoy live music, whether at church or a community celebration, we love feeling the joy music brings and teaching Nia about the instruments that make us want to dance.

More About Our Family

We have a multicultural family. We love to be all together, celebrating our different cultural backgrounds. Our parents are loving and amazing grandparents who enjoy spending time being active with their grandkids. Our sibling's families help to share their language of Spanish and cultural dishes. There are lots of small children and lots of cousin fun.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months


Yes, we are open to twins.


We are open to gender.

In Closing

Thank you for getting to know us! We are an active and creative family of learners excited to share our lives with your child. We both work in education and are excited to teach your child new things and learn together as a family. We look forward to providing your child with a home grounded in faith and family where he or she can learn, grow, and be encouraged throughout their life. We look forward to also getting to know you and sharing updates as you are comfortable.

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