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A Letter from Nolan & Corinne

We are so excited to welcome our first child into our family. And if you’re open to it, we are also excited to get to know you!

A majority of our time is spent with family. We love playing board games and outdoor activities with our family and friends. We can usually be found hiking, backpacking, swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, and everything in between. We love traveling and enjoying nature while being physically active. 

We are practicing Catholics who are excited to start our own big Catholic family with your child of any race.

A Bit About Us

We have been married for 5 years, and we both pictured adopting in our lives even before we met. What brought us together is the importance of family.

A few of the things we enjoy most:

• Long hikes, visiting national parks, and backpacking to hidden lakes.
• Cozy days of reading and sipping coffee or playing a board game.
• Hanging out with Family & Friends
• Celebrating food! From barbecuing to trying new recipes in the kitchen

We look forward to discovering everything our child enjoys and needs to be fulfilled. We can’t wait to read to our baby every night, watch them grow, share with them our favorite games, and take them to meet the whole family!


Corinne is a huge nature enthusiast and looks forward to sharing her love for the outdoors and adventures with our child.  

Corinne is a Technical Program Manager at a software company and loves working alongside Engineers to make large initiatives happen. She lives for the moments when she can get outside and explore!

• She loves hiking, backpacking, kayaking, and snowshoeing.
• Corinne loves making ceramic art in her kiln.
• She grew up swimming and playing water polo and loves open-water swimming to this day.

Corinne can’t wait to explore the simple joys of playing in streams, digging in the dirt, and jumping into puddles with our child. She’s excited to share her love of our world!


Nolan is a caretaker at heart and strives to do anything and everything to support his family. 

At work, as an Automation Engineer, Nolan programs scientific instruments that detect cancers and genetic diseases. When not working, Nolan’s favorite is spending quiet time with family and friends. His favorite activities are:

• Playing with his cats or walking his dog in the neighborhood.
• Taking care of his garden and shopping for new plants.
• Cooking or grilling a new recipe to share with others.
• Playing jazz guitar and drums.

Nolan looks forward to playing with our child at the park, taking them on family picnics and camping trips, and helping them reach for their dreams. He would love to share his passion for music with our child so they can play together and teach them all about caring for animals.

Our Family

We both come from large Christian families.

Corinne’s family has always been a place of love and laughter. They put family first and wouldn’t hesitate to drop everything for each other. 

• Large tight-knit family that lives in close proximity.
• We’re a rowdy bunch who tease each other to no end, but we’re always there to support each other.
• We love hanging out and playing games, from Liar’s Dice to racing kayaks.

They’re all super excited about our adoption plans and can’t wait for our child to join our lives!

Nolan’s family is just as tight-knit and very family oriented. They value being low maintenance and emphasize just being together.

• Live in Texas and, when we visit, we enjoy hanging out with our nieces; helping them solve puzzles and playing tag.
• Nolan’s parents are both passionate about DIY projects and can’t wait to engage with our kids over their latest projects.
• Nolan’s siblings all have kids, so we are looking forward to introducing our child to their cousins!

The whole extended family is excited to welcome our child and include them in our yearly trip to the family cabin in Montana. 

Our Home in California

We live by the coast with access to everything the city has to offer but in close driving distance to some of California’s best natural offerings!

Our 3-bedroom home is close to parks, science & art museums, the beach, and the mountains – we love taking long weekends to camp, hike, and see the best of California! Our house is located in a suburban area near a cute downtown area. We have a large backyard perfect for kids to play outside, with space to build forts and a bedroom set aside for the nursery.

We have 3 pets; 2 cats and a dog.

• Woodrow & Pookie are our two adorable kitties. We often refer to them as “treasures” because of how sweet they are.
• Taupo is an Alaskan Malamute named after the lake we stayed at during our honeymoon. She is a big floof and loves cuddles and people.

Our Promise

We promise to provide your child with a loving family that will support them no matter what. We want to give them the world.

We were so lucky to be given every opportunity as children, and we want to give that back to our children.

• We will ensure they can participate in every extracurricular they want to join- athletics, music, art, or whatever excites them.
• We were both fortunate to have families that could send us to college. We will do the same for our child to ensure that their journey into adulthood gives them every opportunity to enjoy their childhood.

We live a faith-focused life and look forward to taking our child to church and teaching them of God’s love.

We would love to have contact with you through letters, pictures, and visits at your comfort level.  

Learn More About Nolan & Corinne

  Nolan Corinne
Our EducationEngineering Physics Master's DegreeComputer Science Bachelor's Degree
Our ProfessionsAutomation EngineerEngineering Program Manager
Stay-At-HomeWorks from home 2 days per weekWorks from home full time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Nolan & Corinne's Favorites
VacationGoing to the beachCamping & Backpacking
HobbyGardeningCeramics & Art
RecipeChicken SaltimboccaCorinne's family meatball recipe
Family ActivityBackyard barbequing Eating Sunday morning pancakes
SportSkiingWaterpolo & Swimming
Author or TV ShowGreat British Baking ShowTamora Pierce
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Corinne's family built a cabin in Oregon and will always hold a special place in her heart. It was in those woods that fostered her love of the outdoors, where her family went huckleberry picking and she caught her first fish.

Nolan has been teaching himself jazz guitar and likes to rearrange pop songs as jazz pieces. He's currently rearranging "Amarillo by Morning".

Our Faith

We are practicing Catholics who strive to live a Christian life everyday. We're involved in our local church and get to meet all kinds of people in all stages of life. We talk about relationship with God at home and pray together each day.

We hope to raise our child Catholic but respect that each person's journey to finding God is unique.

Family Traditions

One of Corinne's favorite family traditions is, when we all get together, we serve pancakes for breakfast and argue over who makes the best pancakes. It's a big competition, and it is the grandchild's solemn duty to proclaim who makes the best pancakes, so we're hoping our child will win us a few votes!

It's become something of its own tradition for us to, in the summer, load into the car to meet up with Nolan's family at the family cabin in Montana. We make it a point to visit National parks along the way! We can’t wait to bring our child along for the ride and witness them experience these epic sites for the first time!

Our hopes for the future

In order future we see a life where we are busy taking our kids to their activities and we are living in a quiet neighborhood. Our kids know their future is secure, they plan on attending college, they know their needs are met and they are loved.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 1 year old


Sounds exciting!


No preference

Sibling Group

We are open to siblings, we want to keep siblings together.

In Closing

We're so excited to become parents and share life's adventure with our child. We look forward to providing him or her with a life filled with faith, family, and stability. We look forward to playing together as a family through swimming, basketball, volleyball, and baseball/softball in our backyard and taking him or her camping to see the National Parks. We are excited to take them to the local museums and parks to explore and learn. We hope this website has given you a look at who we are. Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that we wish the best for you and your child. Above all, we promise that we will love your child unconditionally.

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