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Dave and Cristy


Featured Bi-Racial family Dave and Cristy

We’d like you to meet Dave and Cristy, a hopeful adoptive couple living in New Jersey. We encourage you to read about their life in their own words. Here is what they have to say:

Our Life

A fun, active couple, Dave and Cristy provide a warm, stable, nurturing home in New Jersey. Best of friends and partners, they have been together over nine years. They have a loving marriage and enjoy sharing time and laughter with their family and friends.

Unable to have children of their own, they are excited for the chance to offer their loving, nurturing home to your child through adoption. They like to enjoy afternoons in the nearby park, spending quality time at home, and traveling to new destinations for vacations. They are looking forward to making family adventures with your child!

Bi-Racial adoptive family featured for birth moms

Meet Cristy (by Dave)

With the largest heart of any person ever, Cristy has been devoting the past 20 years to her first love: early childhood education. She works as Lead Infant Teacher at a top child care center and has worked as a wonderful long-term nanny for two families in the past. Cristy is an active church participant and plays several musical instruments. She is a great cook!

Cristy finds and creates joy in everything she does. Playing board games with friends, doing arts and crafts, and enjoying nature walks, she loves gardening and is excited about sharing her green thumb with our child. Cristy will be an amazing teacher and incredible mother.

Meet Dave (by Cristy)

Dave is loving and supportive with a great sense of humor! He loves sports and sharing them with our niece and nephew. He is often found playing with the kids at family gatherings.

A Senior Presales Manager, Dave enjoys mentoring individuals early in their careers. He loves coaching softball and has been doing so for over 12 years. Dave is going to make a wonderful dad! I am looking forward to seeing him sharing love, laughter and his love of sports with our child!

Our Family

Featured Bi-Racial family photo of Dave and Cristy's families Cristy’s sister has two kids and Dave’s sister was adopted at birth, which helps give our family a deep appreciation for all the positive things in an open adoption. Our close knit families are very excited and supportive of our adopting!

We host family game nights, movie nights and barbecues in our backyard, as well as holidays every year. Some of our family traditions include Christmas Pollyanna, Easter egg dyeing, pumpkin carving, community Christmas tree lighting, cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving morning, and many more!

Our Adoption Promise

We promise to keep your child’s best interests always in the forefront. Your child will have support, tools, and guidance they need to succeed in life, along with the freedom to choose their path. We will share all our interests, faith, and our community with your child and offer guidance so they can be confident in their culture and ancestry. We look forward to sharing letters pictures and visits with you as they grow!

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