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A Letter from Eric & Katina

We are a blessed and devoted family.  God’s great love for us has shown us that genuine love is meant to be shared with others.  The demonstration of His love is one of the many reasons we have decided to adopt – to extend compassion and the openness of our hearts to you and your child.

Family is everything, and we enjoy spending time together.  Our energetic and cheerful personalities lead us to sporting events, amusement parks, and sunny beaches back in our home state of North Carolina.  Eric is a gentle, kind soul and the life of the party.  His personality compliments Katina’s warm and generous disposition exceptionally well.  Together, we are resilient and share a bond that our fun-loving, compassionate daughter, Madisyn, strengthens.

We look forward to sharing an incredible future with you and are open to sharing visits!

Our Story

We were first bound by friendship, then by love, and now share an eternity of togetherness. Eric had always promised to sing at Katina’s wedding.  Little did we know that her wedding would end up being OUR wedding!  We’ve always shared a close bond and a genuine love for children.

Throughout our marriage, we’ve grown to love strolls in the park, walks on the beach, cooking side by side, impromptu talent shows, and Eric laughing so hard at his own jokes that it brings all of us to tears.  We are a lighthearted family who prioritizes fun and building special memories.  We can’t wait to share these fond moments with our child and encourage him or her to live life to the fullest and pursue the things that make them happy.

When we adopted our daughter, we made a promise to love her unconditionally.  Watching her grow and develop into a vibrant, joyful, and humble child is one of the greatest gifts we could ask for. We are excited to do it again!

About Katina (by Eric)

Our home is the place where our extended family gathers.  Because Katina has the gift of hospitality, she works tirelessly to ensure the accommodations are just right.  She is a masterful cook with triple, top-secret access to all of the family’s heirloom recipes.  Not only does Katina have tremendous skills in the kitchen, she also has an eye for decorating and design.  Thanksgiving and Christmas look like a hallmark card when she’s done.  She makes everything delightful, perfecting it as she goes, but most importantly, she pours her heart and every ounce of love into whatever she does.  She takes pride in making others happy.

Katina is also very flexible and adaptable.  She is a strong, corporate businesswoman but also an attentive, all-giving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and auntie.  24 x 7 – she’s our superwoman!  And when she’s feeling a little wild, you just might catch her indoor skydiving.

Katina’s gift to a child would be benevolence.  She would teach them to give of themselves selflessly, to extend grace to others and cherish life’s most precious moments.

About Eric (by Katina)

Eric is gentle, thoughtful, kind, and selfless.  He constantly puts the needs of others before his own.  The sacrifices he makes for his family and friends arise from his love for others.  He is always giving of himself, fervently prayerful, and whole-heartedly connected to those around him.  Eric has a unique gift of making others feel special and cared for.

He also has a great sense of humor and could even be considered a prankster.  When he exposes his playful side, you can definitely count on a few belly laughs.  In his free time, he enjoys sports of any kind, writing and playing music, a nice card game of daddy-daughter uno, a sunny evening to squeeze in a golf game, or a late night round of pool on his beloved pool table.

Eric’s gift to a child would be the gift of laughter and forgiveness.  He would teach them respect and honor and to live in the moment, taking nothing for granted but cherishing what they love most.  And because of his fondness for music, I can imagine him teaching them to sing like no one is listening and dance like no one’s watching.

Our Home in Maryland

Our home is amazing!  It’s where lifelong memories are made and where our family and friends are entertained.  We have three levels, five bedrooms, and a huge basement–the prime location for Family Fun Night!

The kitchen is the heart of our home and where everyone gathers.  From an elaborate Thanksgiving spread to Friday night homemade pizza nights, spectacular Sunday dinners, or Christmas cookie and cupcake decorating, we build and share memories around our 10-foot kitchen island.

Our quiet neighborhood is anchored by kind neighbors, and our backyard is big enough for a vegetable or flower garden, summertime barbeques, star gazing, and of course, snowball fights!! Our state has a rich cultural history.  We are close to museums, theaters, and major event venues.  While frequenting our home state of North Carolina, we enjoy the mountains in the west and the beautiful beaches along the coastline.


Madisyn (our daughter) and Our Extended Family

Our daughter, Madisyn, is a joyful, compassionate, attentive, and independent twelve-year-old. She enjoys volleyball and sleepovers with her cousins when not playing musical instruments. Like her dad, she enjoys rollercoasters and superhero movies. She watches Mom in the kitchen, especially while baking, and doesn’t mind being the taste-tester!

Madisyn has dreams of being an accomplished symphonist and graphic artist.  We teach her that the sky is the limit.  When asked what she plans to teach her sibling, her response was, “How to love.”  She is a special blessing to our family with her very own adoption story.  To us, she is a perfect match.

We have a large extended family and delight in celebrating holidays, birthdays, and vacationing together.  We are an affectionate and spirited bunch who abide by friendship and love no matter what.  Our parents, siblings, nieces and nephews are so excited to be adding to our family and can’t wait to be new grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins.


Our Promise

We promise to love and protect your child at all costs and devote ourselves to the journey. With Christ as our anchor, we know His grace is always sufficient and his favor in endless supply. We are excited for our future and so extremely grateful of the potential to have you in it. Thank you for considering our family to love your child.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Eric & Katina

  Eric Katina
Our EducationBachelorsMasters, Business Administration
Our ProfessionsSourcing ManagerVice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican American African American
Some of Eric & Katina's Favorites
Super HeroSupermanThe Incredible Hulk
Ice Cream FlavorButter PecanCookies and Cream
CartoonBugs BunnyWinnie the Pooh
MoviePolice AcademyThis Christmas
SongOrdinary Just Won't Do ~ CommissionedMake Me Whole ~ Amel Larrieux
More About Our Family
Our Musical Interests

Eric is a superb composer. He writes music, plays the piano, and sings. He actually serenaded Katina on our wedding day. Katina is also a lover of music and while she admits she's not as accomplished as Eric, she loves listening to and offering feedback on his work.

Our love of music also extends to Madisyn, who plays the violin and is now learning the upright bass.

Our Faith

We have a strong faith and belief in God. We attend church regularly, and prior to our move to Maryland, Katina taught the preschool class for Children's Church and Eric sang in the choir.

Things We Cherish

*We are grateful! We treasure the life we have been given and we do so with thankful hearts.  We have a love of Christ, family, friendship, and each other.

*We believe in affording a child great educational opportunities, supporting their interests and dreams and helping them build their talents.

*We also appreciate quiet time, moments of reflection and try to incorporate meditation into our daily routine.  Although we have busy schedules, we never forget to take the time to just be; to be silly, spontaneous, sometimes lazy, most of the time fun, but always grateful!

Our Hobbies

We are an active family and like to keep busy and engaged.

Katina loves interior design and has a creative eye for decor. Eric is a sports fanatic and enjoys watching football and basketball on our covered porch while grilling his favorite game-time meal. Madisyn enjoys volleyball, arts and crafts, and music.

As a family, we can often be found spending summer vacations at amusement parks or relaxing on a resort-style lazy river. In the winter, we have fun building snowmen!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 4 years old





Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up too 4 years old.

In Closing

We realize you are in the middle of having to make a tough decision. The strength of our love and the power of our faith will always be an unwavering yet gentle support for you. We vow to respect, honor, and cherish another child with all that we have and more. We will teach them to be confident and strong, compassionate and humble, kind and generous, and to always follow their dreams. We will give all that we have, unconditionally, and love them fiercely. We will cherish you forever and ever. Thank you for considering becoming a part of who we are.

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