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A Letter from Michael & Erin

¡Hola! Hi! We’re a family-first couple who are excited to share our lives with a child. We love time with family and friends exploring new places (or visiting our favorite places again!) and getting together to cook and hang out. We love the outdoors, whether it’s hiking or the beach, or gardening or chatting around the fire pit at home. We both work in healthcare and one of us will be home part-time after we adopt, with grandparents helping us when we have to work.

Adoption is part of our extended family so we know this will be a wonderful way to grow our family too. We’d love to learn more about you and what you picture for your child’s adoption.

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A Little About Us

We met online and our first date was at a baseball game (after which we both deleted our dating profiles!). Now we’ve been married 8 years and together for almost 10. From the start we both talked about how we’d love to adopt one day, and after going through infertility we felt sure that adoption was meant to be for us. We’ve hoped to become a mom and dad since we got married and are ready to share our lives with a child!

As a couple we love:
• Cooking meals
• Walking our dog
• Home projects
• Relaxing around the fire pit or on the deck
• Hiking, kayaking, and camping
• Exploring small towns and trying local coffee shops
• Visiting National Parks to learn the history and see wildlife
• Sunday potluck dinners with our Bible study small group

Meet Erin

I’m a pediatrician and also teach medical students and residents.

Michael says: Erin is loving, kind, generous with her time, and dedicated to loved ones. She is the most caring person I’ve known! Erin will be a fun mom who will always have our child’s future and best interest at heart. She will be there to guide and encourage our child, no matter what.

Erin enjoys:
• Paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, or wave runners (anything on the water!)
• Learning new crafts, like watercolor painting or crochet
• Books, podcasts, and researching online
• Being prepared and ready to fix anything

Meet Michael

I’m a physical therapist helping patients with nerve issues.

Erin says: Michael is kind, quiet, self-driven, and hard-working. I’ve seen him at work and he is gentle, nurturing, and patient with others. Michael is strong, loyal, and helpful. He is also light-hearted and funny! He will love our children deeply, want the best for them, and be excited to teach them everything he knows.

Michael enjoys:
• Exercising in our home gym, hiking, or walking our dog
• Listening to his collection of records
• Reading
• Crossword or jigsaw puzzles
• Home projects or gardening

Our Home in Southern California

We live in a house that has been passed down in Erin’s family for 3 generations! This was originally her grandparents’ home and we’ve enjoyed fixing it up. We’re in a cozy, tight-knit neighborhood within walking distance of an elementary school and the library. Our street is quiet and there are always families out for walks. It’s a very friendly place to live! Erin has known our next door neighbors since high school and they are like a part of our family.

Our house has 3 bedrooms, a grassy back yard, a big deck, and a front yard with a hill perfect for kids to slide down. We’re a short drive to the ocean and the mountains too. It will be amazing to raise a child here where our family has already made such sweet memories!

Our Dog: Huck is our Labrador Retriever who loves people and other animals. He’s calm and possibly the happiest dog ever.

Our Family

We come from tight-knit, fun, easy-going families. Erin’s parents and her sister’s family live nearby so we see them at least once a week. Michael’s family lives in Arkansas and we see them twice a year, with lots of texts, calls, and Facetime in between visits. We have a lot of friends-like-family spread throughout California, Oregon, Arkansas, Texas, and North Carolina. Erin also has family on her dad’s side in Mexico who we see every few years. Since she grew up speaking English and Spanish, Erin wants to pass that on to our children too.

Adoption is already a part of our extended family too! Michael’s sister was adopted, as were 2 of our nephews on Erin’s side. Everyone is excited about our plans to adopt!

Our Promise

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We promise to love this child and respect your trust in us to provide everything he or she needs to become who they are meant to be. As parents we will teach them how to be kind, brave, strong, thoughtful, creative, patient, generous, wise, and loyal. We’ll encourage him or her to try new things and work hard. Coming from a family of teachers, we both believe education is important and we will help our child make the most of schooling and every chance to learn.

If you’d like to have an ongoing relationship with us, we’re open to staying in touch. We’d love to share Christmas cards, updates, and visits, if you’d like. As parents we want to pass down our family traditions and values, and honor his or her background too. We will make sure your child knows how we came together through adoption and how much you mean to us.

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions! Call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

With grateful hearts, Michael & Erin

Learn More About Michael & Erin

  Michael Erin
Our EducationBS in Psychology, MA in Community Counseling, Doctor of Physical TherapyBA in Chemistry, minor in Business Administration, Doctor of Medicine
Our ProfessionsPhysical TherapistPediatrician
Stay-At-HomeNoPart-time, after we adopt
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Hispanic/Caucasian
Some of Michael & Erin's Favorites
Thing About AutumnChanging colors of the leavesCozy clothes & yummy warm drinks
Weekend ActivityListen to records on our record playerWalk to the local coffee shop and farmer's market
Birthday DinnerChicken & DumplingsLasagna & Caesar Salad
Vacation PlaceJackson Hole, WYShaver Lake, CA
Thing About ChristmasTV Christmas SpecialsThe neighborhood Christmas lights
More About Our Family
Fun Facts

Erin: Before medical school I spent 1 year traveling through Europe, Australia, and Mexico. I’ve also been to 42 states and my goal is to visit all 50 one day!

Michael: I love to crochet (I know that’s unusual for a man!) and I started taking guitar lessons so I can learn to play by reading music notes.

What matters the most to us...

• Honesty, generosity, & showing patience, respect, & forgiveness.
• Being there for each other & those we love.
• Courage to try new things & learning from second chances.
• Faith & showing God’s love & kindness to those around us.

When our family gets together we love...

• Camping or kayaking
• Reading and music
• Playing games or making crafts
• S’mores around the fire pit in our yard
• Christmas with homemade tamales and atole, and looking at lights in our pajamas on Christmas Eve
• A huge get-together & fried turkey for Thanksgiving
• Erin’s parents’ Fourth of July party
• Grandma’s St. Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt and an Irish meal

Un Mensaje Especial

¡Hola! Muchísimas gracias por tomarse el tiempo para revisar nuestro perfil. Sabemos que la vida es una gran bendición, pero al mismo tiempo también puede tener dificultades y queremos darle las gracias por su fortaleza y valor entre todo esto. Nosotros nos llamamos Michael y Erin, y esperamos la oportunidad de conocerla y darle a su bebé la bienvenida a nuestra casa como un(a) hijo/hija.

Estamos deseando que llegue el día en que lleguemos a ser padres de un niño o niña a quien podremos darle la bienvenida a nuestro corazón y hogar con brazos abiertos y con todo el cariño y afecto del mundo. Lo querremos incondicionalmente. Ofreceremos un hogar y familia en que siempre sabrá que es seguro, donde podrá aprender y crecer, explorar, reír y divertirse. Lo apoyaremos, protegeremos, enseñaremos, celebraremos, y querremos para siempre.

Nos encantan las historias y cuentos y siempre aseguraríamos que su niño sabrá la suya. Queremos conocerla a usted y esperamos mantenernos en contacto lo tanto que se sienta cómoda. Deseamos que su pequeño le conozca y que sepa de todos quienes lo quieren. Sabemos que usted quiere a su niño/niña mucho y aunque todavía no nos conocemos, su hijo ya mantiene un lugar muy especial en nuestros corazones también, y esperamos el día en que lo conocemos, si Dios quiere.

Con cariño y respeto profundo, Michael y Erin

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 12 months (1 year) old




Either boy or girl

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 2 years old

In Closing

We're honored to have shared a little about ourselves and the life we'd love to share with your child. Thank you for considering us as you decide what you want to do. We'd love to talk, answer any questions, and even learn about you and the life you picture for your child. Our hope is to raise our child to be secure and confident in the way we all came together through adoption. We will always talk about you with love and help your child know how much you mean to us. When you're ready, just ask Lifetime about us! We're here for you anytime.

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