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A Letter from Nikki

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter and considering me for your child. Several years ago I learned that can’t have children but, in my heart, I have always felt like adoption was the right path for me.  I have created a wonderfully full life and am excited to share it all with your child. My family is a big part of my life and they are all thrilled about my adoption. Your child will grow up with a sound education and surrounded by love, support, and adventure.

I am open to any form of communication you are comfortable with including letters, pictures, emails, and annual visits.

About Me

I am a Procurement Manager for a private company. As a procurement manager, I manage a team that places purchase orders for the company. I work from home with a flexible schedule and, in my free time, I enjoy teaching Economics online. I love to help people and encourage my students in the classroom to do their best. I even have students that I mentor outside of class. I absolutely love encouraging people and being around people that encourage others!

I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate, advocating for kids in the Foster Care system. I spend time with the kids and make sure that they are receiving the needed resources to be great despite their circumstances.

My Passions

I am a lover of the arts and enjoy going to art shows as well as supporting my local dance company as I grew up in ballet. It is a tradition of mine to see their performance of The Nutcracker every Christmas and I am excited to share with tradition with my child and expose them to the beauty of art.

I like to visit botanical gardens, go on walks along local trails as well as hike on occasion. I’m also a sports fan- I enjoy basketball, tennis, and soccer but my all-time favorite is college football. I absolutely love to travel and have visited China, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, and Mexico thus far. I’m excited to share my future trips and adventure with my child. I believe in experiences over material things and feel that kids need to experience the world so that they know that there is a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. I look forward to taking my child on their first trip to Disney, the Grand Canyon, and the beach!

My Family & Friends

My family means a lot to me and plays a big part in my life. My mom and stepdad have been married for 30 years and I have two younger brothers who have kids already.  I always love spending time with my nieces and nephews on family outings of bowling and water parks, Easter egg hunts, and trips to museums. I see my family at least once a month if not more! They are all so excited to welcome baby and my mom is excited to include them in the holiday tradition of having everyone in coordinated outfits.

I have an amazing group of encouraging friends who are supportive and live life to the fullest. Most of my friends have kids and we all hang out together going to parks, botanical gardens, and dance performances. My friends look forward to playdates on each weekend of the month. They are super excited for me to adopt.

Family and friends are very important to me and I know that my child will be surrounded with so much love from them all.


I am a strong believer in having a well-rounded and full education. My grandmother cleaned houses and babysat children when I was younger and instilled in me the importance of a good education.  I worked hard to obtain scholarships through the years before getting my bachelor’s and master’s and finally my Doctorate degree in 2016. The journey was long and I am so proud of what I have accomplished. I will make sure that my child has every opportunity to learn and follow their dreams. I look forward to encouraging them as they follow their passions and will ensure that they have every advantage through grade school and all the way through college.

My Home in Tennessee

I live in a wonderful ranch style home with 3 bedrooms- one of which I look forward to converting into a nursery. The living room and kitchen are nice and spacious and, with all the bedrooms on one floor, there is plenty of space to host family and play games.  The bonus room above the garage will serve as recreational room and will be a great space for a playroom and learning area. My neighborhood in nestled in a wooded neighborhood, full of families with kids and is located in a very good school district.  There is a community play ground for all to enjoy.

My Promise

I promise to love your baby with my whole heart and give them a strong moral, educational, and loving upbringing filled with lots of love and adventures. I will make sure that your baby will have a future filled with opportunities to chase dreams, security to help him or her to navigate through life, and love and support to become a kind and prosperous person in life. I am open to any level of communication that you would be comfortable with.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Nikki

My EducationDBA, MS, BS
My ProfessionsSenior Manager Procurement Process & Technology
Stay-At-HomePossibly part time
My Racial BackgroundAfrican American
Some of Nikki's Favorites
What is your favorite holiday?Easter! -It has so much meaning! Thanksgiving is my next favorite.
What is your favorite food?Pasta! I love carbs!
What is your favorite sport?College Football! Those kids have heart!
More About My Family
My Special Interests

I am interested in many things and my interests change often. Right now I am interested in history, social movements, fashion, and decorating. I can watch HGTV all day. I have a passion for helping others and am a Court Appointed Child Advocate. I love life and everything that it has to offer so I try things. I listen. I observe. I experience and I hope.

My Faith

I am a Christian. I grew up in the Presbyterian Church. My parents always had me at Sunday School and Church. When I went off to College, I sought out a church home and attended throughout college. God knows he got me out of some shenanigans. I remain faithful in everything that I do. I attend a nondenominational bible based Christian Church now and attend my home church with my parents when I visit them.

My Musical Interest

I enjoy all types of music. I generally turn my phone on at the beginning of the workday to play music and press shuffle. The music is very random. I may hear a gospel song followed by an old-school R&B song, followed by some Hip Hop. Then a country song may come on, a classical number or some jazz. I am all over the place at times. When I hear a song, I think, that's just what I needed to hear at this moment. Music takes me to places in time. Beyonce is probably my most listened-to artist. I like how she has transformed into who she is today. She is constantly Becoming and I like to feel that every day, I am becoming my true self.

My Home

I live in a three-story townhouse. There is a basement or bonus room where I work out and watch movies. This will probably be converted into a play/ recreational room. The second level is kitchen, living room and office and the third level is all bedrooms. I have a room just waiting for a little person. The Ag Center with trails and a playground is less than 5 miles away. I like to get out and walk a bit and would love a companion to stroll around and help me get some exercise.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years old.


Yes I would love to welcome twins.


Either gender!

Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 2 yeas old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I am so excited to be on this journey to grow my family through adoption and look forward to sharing all of my life with your child. I will ensure that they grow up well educated and surrounded by family that loves them deeply.

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