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Zachary and Angela


Zachary and Angela, a hopeful Bi-Racial adoptive family

We’d like you to meet Zachary and Angela, a hopeful adoptive couple living in California. We encourage you to read about their life in their own words. Here is what they have to say:

Our Life

The golden state of California is where we live! Thank you for taking some time getting to know us. We look forward to getting to know you better as well.
We are honored and feel very humble to start this adoption journey with you. We enjoy vacations, and staying home at our together, and love cooking meals at home. Laughing, playing games, and entertaining family and friends are some of the things we like to do.
Sitting together on a rock during a hike, Zachary and Angela, a hopeful Bi-Racial adoptive family

Meet Angela (by Zachary)

There was something special about Angela from the moment I met her. A woman of great wisdom, she is filled with patience, compassion and confidence. Not only is she the wife of my dreams, she makes an amazing mother to our daughter.

Her love of cooking, baking, sewing, DIY crafts and crocheting are some of the activities she looks forward to sharing with our new child. She will fiercely love your child, support them in all they do and teach them to pray.

Meet Zachary (by Angela)

A man of great integrity, compassion, and patience, Zachary works in a mental health rehab as a case manager. He has given his shoes and the shirt off of his back to those in need. Jazmine was 12 years old when we wed and Zachary has shown me what a wonderful father he is to her and will be for your child.

Zach loves football, soccer, and basketball and is a big sports fan. He looks forward to sharing and teaching your child about fishing, hiking, and playing chess. He is going to be a wonderful father to your child.

Our Family

Zachary and Angela's daughter and family members together on ChristmasOur huge families are all thrilled about welcoming your child into them! With three grandparents and lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins, most of them live close enough we can get together often. There is great joy when our families get together for barbeques and special occasions.

Our daughter Jazmine is a remarkable young lady who is smart, kind and hard-working. With a degree in accounting she is training as a manager in her job. She has become someone we are extremely proud of. She’s looking forward to being part of her new sibling’s life and teaching them how to play basketball. She is sure to be an awesome big sister and will be a positive and wonderful influence for them.

Our Adoption Promise

We promise to teach your child to love and honor you as their birth mother, and we will protect, love and cherish your child. We’ll embrace their curiosity and encourage creativity. They will have the best educational opportunities we can provide.

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